Capsule "Vilna"


“We’re certain, the future is female. Confidence, balance of weightlessness and resilience, ultimate unbeaten feature during the moments of worldwide disruptions and sense of purpose. We do not only believe in this, but verbalise words, while creating “Vilna” capsule, items from which combine convenience and sexuality, without limiting moves and ambitions”, says Anna Arutiunova.


Nowadays, wardrobe constructor is an optimal choice for women, therefore, this capsule consists of basic things you can mix with one another or wear alongside with more extravagant elements.


It’s not only tank tops, bodies and tops, but, for the very first time in Arutiunova’s history, denim. That’s precisely the way flared jeans, which remain relevant through decades, and universal banana jeans appeared in this collection.


Body is the brand’s carryover, that’s why “Vilna” is no exception. In this collection there are both classy and more unconventional options of the item presented. 


Another brand’s bestseller midi skirt with a cut on a leg. This time made of denim. Also there’s a godet skirt with a cut on the back. 


Capsule consists of t-shirt with sleeves, tank tops, crop tops, body, suiting every taste, flared and banana jeans, skirts and olympic. All items are made to dilute mundanity with fascinating decisions, without loosing casual altitude of movement.  

As a decor designer used rhinestones, contrast threads, metal buttons and glitter details which can barely remain unnoticed. 


All models are presented in basic colours: dark blue, cobalt, beige, powdery, grey melange and black. As fabrics were used comfy cotton, soft viscose and dense polyester.