FW 22/23

FW 22/23

New Arutiunova collection is reinterpretation of brand’s emblematic items, due to which it’s known and loved. Working on it, designer Anna Arutiunova thought about strong women who have managed to preserve faith and will to live no matter what. “In spite of hard times for our country, we still want to stay feminine and sexy. We remember how we danced all night long and greeted sunrises in Arutiunova’s dresses. And now, like never before, we’re sure light will defeat darkness, and we will return to life where there is a place for joy”, says Anna Arutiunova. “My favourites in this collection are skirts with inserts made of nets, jacket, and also bodies, decorated with painting, which reminds sunrise on Dnipro.”

The sun form precisely by way of cuts and shining decoration, resembling its rays, became collection’s central elements.

Designer quotes Arutiunova carry overs with a novelty, namely suits both with pants and skirts, evening and everyday bodies, mini and midi dresses. Likewise, there are silk shirts, long sleeves, classy coats and outstanding jackets with buffes in two colours presented in the collection. 

Certainly brand stays loyal to its DNA, that’s why several items are decorated with rhinestones, while cuts and arcs can be found on skirts and jackets.

Mesh fabric is used in order to create transparent back inserts, jackets’ sleeves, bodies or under pants’ belt, and also lacing on bodies. 

For a special occasion designer offers evening dresses, maxi and mini, in blue colour alongside with spangles and rhinestones decorated bodies and long sleeves. 

Several models allow to experiment with outfits. Thus spangles in pants and skirts give a chance to amend level of boldness on your own, there are fasteners on shirts not only on in the front but on sleeves, and a mini skirt has got detachable rhinestones embodied skirt, which lets you make this attire equally an everyday or an evening one. 

Collection’s main colours are mocha, black, beige, dark blue and blue, and fabrics - wool, silk, polyester and viscose.