FW20 / 21

FW20 / 21

The ARUTIUNOVA collection for the fall-winter '20-21 is based on three components: inspiration from Latin American culture, sweetness from the sensuality of Latin American music, and the expression of Latin American dances.

The ergonomic cut, perfect silhouette, and a lot of handworks are "stitched" in the brand's DNA. This season will be graceful again: sensual, fitted silhouettes combined with elements of the men's costume of the European ballroom dance program.

Next winter will be quite restrained in color, with a neon accent boldly bursting into dusty pink, fawn, beige, and lavender. And of course - black, different in its textures and moods. The collection uses silk crepes, organza, and tulle for exquisite dresses, delicate wool for suits, energetic lycra for bodysuits.

The bohemianese collection and its iconic character are traditionally supported by embroidery and inlaid with crystals.

The brand's philosophy is simple and clear: cultivating happiness, not limiting your freedom in full manifestation - both freedom of movement and freedom of existence.