SS 21

SS 21
In the Spring-Summer '21 season the ARUTIUNOVA brand continues to convince women of their undeniable right to self-expression freedom by the language of music and dance: passionate flamenco and pasodoble, sensual tango.
Spanish folk dance pasadoble is a struggle and harmony of bodies full of energy and danger. Therefore, the traditional bullfighter's costume was chosen as the basis of the collection and is represented by high-waisted trousers, short jackets, capes and shirts with buttons. The lower part of the spear became a constructive element, which was embodied in cutouts on short skirts, dresses and a flying coquette on the trench coat back.
Dramatic flamenco is first of all a story with ruffles flying under the guitar sounds. A scarf and a fan are often used in this dance, so the designer integrated these elements into the dress construction.
Especially for the ARUTIUNOVA brand, artist Ruslan Panchuk created illustrations with ornaments of various toreros and fans, which formed the basis of the embroidery elements.
Materials. Mostly natural fabrics: silk, silkwithwool, cotton, viscose.
Decor. Accent on techniques: tulle appliqué, bead scattering, embroidery with bugles, cuttings, rhinestones, ostrich feathers, viscose fringe.
Colors. The leitmotif of the collection is a palette of cream, cold beige, lemon, the depth of which is emphasized by blue fabrics in three shades, as well as dark green and black.