SS 20

SS 20

The program of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will become one of the main events of next summer, has replenished with five new disciplines, but again there are no dances among them: the International Olympic Committee still does not consider them a sport. The founder of the Arutiunova brand, a multiple champion of the world championships in sports ballroom dancing, Anna Arutiunova, urges the IOC to cast aside doubts: “Dancing is a real sport in which you need to work for hours in the rehearsal room for several minutes on the floor.”

The sports component of the dance became the starting point of work on the Arutiunova spring-summer collection, in which the designer explores the theme of freedom and lack of freedom of the body in dance, ease of movement, and strict discipline. The chamber rehearsal routine, which precedes spectacular and somewhat theatrical performances in public, brings ballroom dancing together not only with sports but also with fashion, where a ten-minute show becomes the culmination of many months of hard work.

The designer found her inspiration in costumes for dancing the Latin American program - samba, rumba, jive, cha-cha-cha, and paso doble. Together with the stage uniform of the athletes, the designer also studies the backstage - comfortable bodysuit, leggings, sweatshirts, and light coat-robes, which are firmly rooted in a modern urban wardrobe.

In the spring-summer Arutiunova collection, the comfortable athleisure style is found with a clear structure of the costume cut, the hoodie with the evening gown, a jersey with elegant silk, and dense knitwear with transparent organza. The combination of open sunny colors (azure, coral, mango, crimson, turquoise) with a rich gamut of shades of white, gray, and black underlines the motive to get out of the shadows under spotlights.

 The refined decor traditional for Arutiunova this time is represented by volume application, embroidery, and inlaid with crystals. The main decorative detail of the collection was a lily flower - a symbol of femininity and the floral mascot of Anna Arutiunova.