FW 21/22

FW 21/22

In the new FW 21/22 collection Anna Arutiunova, brand's designer, stays devoted to her passion for dance and discovers cabaret culture and fabulous aesthetic of this cultural phenomenon. 

Revealing looks of the dancers and classical suits of their impresarios, images of artists and extravagant guests of Parisian cabarets of the end of 19th - the beginning of 20th century became the main inspiration of this collection.

There are a lot of atmospheric lingerie-corsets and jewelry which resemble a brassiere. Decorative methods and technics are quite similar to those interior decisions, which were used in interior of la Belle Epoque.


Consequently, poufs on the bombers refer to armchairs and sofas in clubs and the combination of chains and crystals to some luxurious chandeliers. 

The main colours of the collection: black, red, blue, olive, and additional milky and couple shades of beige are objectified in velvet, wool, knitted fabric and rhinestoned net.

Feminine mini and midi length dresses, corsets, elegant pantsuits and suits with skirts, bombers, bodies and coat are presented in this collection. Designer makes an emphasis on feminine style with the help of jewelry and gorgeous accessories: chockers and long earrings.

Brand as usual pays a lot of attention to decorative elements chains, crystals of different size, fringe and rhinestones grace most of the evening looks.